"Entre labio y labio
cuánta dulzura guarda
mi boca abierta al beso,
estuche en que los dientes
muerden vívidos frutos,
cuenca que se llena
de jugos intensos
de ágiles vinos
de agua fresca,
donde la lengua
leve serpiente de delicias
blandamente ondula,
y se anida el milagro
de la palabra.

                                                        - Alaíde Foppa -

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Looking for the most dangerous pirates, departing from the wild St Kitts to Martinique through British Virgin Islands, St Maarten with her crazy planes, Antigua and St Vincet and Grenadines.


A journey by the sea through the ancient Dutch Antilles, old British colonies to French territories along the Pirates routes!


From the cities by the colonial charme of Nicaragua to the explosive Nature of Costa Rica, beteween volcanoes, islands, sea and national parks!


Wonderful trip in chicken bus from Guatemala with its colorful markets, its lakes and volcanoes to the Ruta de las Flores of El Salvador to the mystical Mayan temples of Copan and the magnificent beaches of Roatan!


A journey to discover a tiny line of "gold" land that unites two oceans. Meeting with the modern Panama City and its skyscrapers until the wild Pararapuru where the Embera tribe still proudly retain their traditions in the heart of the forest.


A small backpack, a "Routard" guide and a camera to live two weeks around between Yucatan and the unkown Belize. Unforgettable days of meetings that mark you and stories that you will tell, then, thousands of times ... As that time...


The palms, the transparent Caribbean sea, the sun, long beaches, pelicans, the smile of the people, a great adventure in an unforgettable country .


Not only an island with very beautiful and "available" girls. Cuba is much more! Cuba is a philosophy of life. Cuba is music, dance. In Cuba you breathe magic, not air. A trip to live with eyes and spirit.


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