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there is a brief list, completo di link delle compagnie aereewith airways' links with whom I have flown so far, with a brief and very subjective



British Airways. I have a wonderful memory linked to this airway: my first flight! What an emotion! Excellent the service on board and very kind the staff.

Air One. Used for short flights . Nothing special.
Finnair. When you can't find defects, it means that the flight was good and the ground and on board staff was efficient. Always on time, good meals and very kind staff.
Sabena. A quiet and standard flight. Nothing special. But meanwhile it has failed?!? :-0 I was very lucky anyway during a Bruxelles-Oporto flight, becuase I flew in business class even if I payed the economy one! Wow!
Air Portugal. I used it several time to go to Portugal . On time and reliable.
Alitalia. Paradoxically, even if it is our flag airway I used it only once for a very long flight: Rome-Naples .
I can't judge my 15 minutes flight! But looking at the continuous strikes on TV I try to avoid it, I am kidding!
Lufthansa. Nothing special ... it brought us to destination and it took us at home again, what else can we ask to an airway?
Tunisair. It's an Arab airway so we would naver expect to find a woman pilot... she was good at flying, I mean it. In general service was acceptable.
Air Malta. Except for a very animated landing in the island, all the rest was normal. Good the service on board.

Waht can I say ! The so-called "cargo" planes used for people transport (C130) are not famous for sure for their comfortability, speed or noiseless. You have just to think that there isn't a real toilet... Whatever. Several flights in Europe during the "academy flight cruise" but the destination aalwaysmade you forget the flight's uncomfortableness. Anyway,some flights on board of the Airbus 139 (the one used by the President of the Republic) for sure made me change my mind...

Lauda Air. Very good for the service, the comfortability and beacuse it was always on time. I used it in a Milan-Ho Chi Minh City, 17 flights hours actually less wearisome then I expected!

Ryan Air. It's the queen of all low cost airways ; you can book it on line and if you do it on time you can fly really cheaply. It uses secondarie airports but very well linked with the main cities thanks to several and efficient buses. Very new airplanes but with uncomfortable and narrow seats, they are not assigned and all the food is not included. But with those prices no one compalins with it! I used it many times and it was always lovely. Very well: low cost!

Wizzair. Hungarian low cost airway specialized in East Europe. I used it for a Rome-Katowice and everything was very good.
Spanair. If you are not interested in the free newspaper, if buying food on board is not a problem saving on the ticket price, don't hesitate to fly with it! Cheap and casual.
Maersk. I used it in a Berlin-Milan. Satisfactory service and staff. Nothing special.
Cabo Verde Airlines. The worse airway ever used. The inner flight Ihla do Sal-Boavista was a complete disaster...
Eurofly. Standard charter airway for Italian tourists with all the "coddles" included for the "holiday-makers".Very impressive during a Cancun-Milan flight thanks to the monitors on every seat that let you spend yuor time more fastly watching a movie or playing at many videogames
Meridiana. I took it for a Naples-Milan a/r. On the return flight (it was the first of January) I was almost alone on the plane! There were more hostess than passengers... weird!
Blue Panorama. Another classical charter. Used in a Milan-Panama e un Rome-La Romana. Classical bus with wings for Italian holiday-makers. Nice staff.
Livingston. Charter for classical holidays. Very elegant and confortable.
Roayl Jordanian. I flew with this airline once to Amman. I have to admit that I enjoyed it a lot, it's very comfortable and on time. Modern aircrafts with every comfort, every seat had its own monitor where you could select many movies or games, all the time you wished.
Volareweb. Charter for classical touristic destinations with not very comfortable seats (there were no feet-rest) and with few monitors considering the high number of people on board. Disappointing.
Air Mauritius. I flew with this airline coming back from Mauritius Islands and I have to congratulate for the kindness of the fligth assistants and for the abundance of the cathering service.
Qatar Airways. This airlines company surprised me for punctuality. Several flights taken in the Middle East and Far East but all on time! Amusing to note that all the staff is a fruit salad of different nationalities.
Air France. It's weird but it is the first time I fly with the French airline! I must say that I found it great! Not always on time but with airplanes rather comfortable and ground assistants very efficient.
Gol. Used many times in my various trips within South Brazil. Not always on time but despite this, fortunately, I never lost any connection!
Varig. Used only once from Curitiba to Guarulhos, Brazil. Nothing to say: neither positive nor negative.
Korean Air. I spent many hours aboard of its planes and I can say that it offers a very good service on the flgiths between Eurpe and Asia but I can't say the same as for the ones between Asia and Oceania!
Qantas. Fast transfer in New Zealand so I can't judge very much!
Air Baltic. Well, it's an Baltic Republic airline... What beautiful hostess! Kidding! It was weird that though being a huge air company it didn't offer food included in the air ticket!
Austral. Move with them in Argentina is not so bad, I'd suggest it even against the National one!
Aerolineas Argentinas. Very bad experience! Long flight but uncomfortable, without proper pastimes, nor a personal monitor, not to mention the unkind ways of the crew. To avoid.
Gulf Air. Few movements arounbd Middle East but always on time and well organized. It impressed me a lot
Turkish Airlines. Airline company quite disappointing. Often late and not very friendly flight attendants.
Etihad Airways. Very elegante and comfortable. United Arab Emirates National airline hasn't disappointed us at all.
Air Link. Used only for a brief flight from Zambia to South Africa. On time and decent.
Royal Air Maroc. Morocchian Airline respected all the time tables and times so I can't say anything bad about it. Keep on in this way!

Delta. Very disappointing. Poor cathering, board services to review, ver bad managing of the the misfortune that happened to us

Jet Airways. Pretty disappointing. Used mainly for domestic flights in India and in Australia. Often late and disorganized.
Air Asia. The queen of low-cost in teh far East. Used several times throughout and generally more than satisfactory.
MAS. Used for flights within Malaysia. Excellent value for money for all services provided.
Tiger Airways. Another great low cost airline Eastern. Excellent choice to move almost everywhere in Southeast Asia and beyond.
Small Planet Airlines. Lithuanian charter airline, very recently it has become
Italian. It gives a feeling of neglect, you can feel it from the uniform of the flight attendants to catering painful.
Neos. Classic and consolidated Italian charter. Great catering but too bad that as every charter it has no idea what does
respect the timetable mean
Air Nostrum. It has never happened we were treated as flying with a low cost even if we were on board of a flag airline's partner (Iberia). Uncomfortable plane, better flying with Ryan Air. We were not offered anything and we had to pay even a glass of water.

Iberia. We can see that the Spain is in economical crisis. Dirty and old planes and without personal videos on board. The only positive note is the abundant cathering and the hostess that despite the venerable age they keep high the ancient traditions of pampering their passengers.
American Airlines. Nothing special to report about this American airline. Unkind flight attendants and seats quite uncomfortable.
Pegasus. Turkish company. Efficient, comfortable, good time-table as for connections with Turkey. Too bad that the cathering on board is an additional fee.
Egyptair. Reliable for times and for the service. On time, good cathering and excellent organization. Recommended.
Air Niugini. What a great surprise! On time. Courteous and always available staff. Comfortable seats and good cathering.
PNG Airlines. Used twice for domestic flights in Papua New Guinea. It hasn't impressed us muhc, I wouldn't suggest it. Cheaper than Air Niugini but unsafe. They never checked the documents at no passengers and have also canceled one of our flights without advising not reimburse anything. Disorganized and not nice.
Fiji Airways. New name of the national Fijian airline after abandoning the best known: Air Pacific. We realize that the Fiji are one of the most developed Pacific islands also by the professionalism of the staff on the ground: once, our flight has been two hours late and all the passengers were soon provided of 10$ vouchers for breakfast!
Air Vanuatu. Vanuatu national airline has not lived up to expectations. Small planes for inner flights but always on time. Strange that on domestic flights to the smaller islands is not foreseen cathering
Air Calédonie. Is it possible that nowadays, in a nation that is deemed among the most developed of those that surround it, you can not buy tickets for domestic flights online but only at their offices and at certain times, and after a long queue? Lack of professionalism and many inefficiencies.
Aircalin. New Caledonia national airline. Although it is only used for international flights (the airport is 50 km from the capital): it has been on time and has offered a good cathering.
Aeroparacas. Used in Peru for the striking flight to see from above the legendary lines of Nazca. The flight is quite challenging and some passenger has suffered it too but after all it's been a good experience.
LAN. Chilean national airline. On time and quite comfortable. Nothing to complain.
Aeroflot. On time, kind and helpful staff, quite good cathering and for sure far away from hte Soviet stereotype. I would recommend it
Fastjet. Puntuale, used during a flight from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls. Cathering only is not free but you need to pay just as low cost flights.
Air Shakawe. Used for an exciting flight in Maun, Botswana, over Okawango River ... what can I say ... wonderful and we found the company very professional.
Aseman. Used for an internal flight to Iran. On time, comfortable and reliable.
Air India. Used for several domestic flights in India. Quite on time, comfortable and with good cathering on board ..
Spicejet. Used for an internal flight to India. On time, comfortable and reliable.
Belavia. Used for a flight from Italy to Minsk. I would say a good airline; on time, comfortable and with a good cathering service.
Ukraine International Airlines. Used several times for international flights and not for Ukraine. Nothing special.
Air Moldova. Excellent online booking service. On time, quite convenient and reliable.

Emirates. Surely one of the best airlines in the world. Ample seating, comfortable. Cathering proof starred restaurant; huge choice of films, TV shows and music. Very careful and lovable with kids. Excellent

Fly Dubai. Very disappointing. It looks like a low cost that covers long distances. We have traveled from Dubai to Zanzibar (a / r). 6 hours of flight where the company does not offer you anything, everything is paid: food, access to the small display for music or films, you have to pay even a glass of water. What a disappointment.

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