There are many friends who have contributed, directly or indirectly to the development of this site.

I take this opportunity to officially thank them.

First I thank my mother and my father who financed my first trips without any resistance to my desire to travel and discover the world.

Thanks to all the great friends with whom I shared many adventures and misadventures around the world, admired the natural beauty of the Earth, I rejoiced and wept and shared experiences that will preserve and retain jealously forever in our hearts and that nobody can steal.
In particular I thank Takx, the great Roscio, the dear Agos, my  brother Pedro, MartinsJeff, the inseparable Nick, the wise Charly, the loving Alessandra, Rossana and Pina, the indefatigable Aunt Anna, the strong Paoletto, Krists and all the fantastic people I met along the exciting journey that is life.
A heartfelt thanks to Gabriel Supino, part of Born2travel Team, for its continuous and efficient technical support.

The last but not least, I thank Stefania with whom I share this life of eternal wanderers, gypsies of the world.

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do that for the ones you did. So let go of the ropes. Get away from the safe harbor. Take your sails with the winds. Explore. Dream. Discover".

- Mark Twain -



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