“Curiosity from the world”

In this page you'll be able to find a lot of curiosities, traditions and funny, interesting and weird tales from all over the world... who knows, maybe it could be also a tip for your future trips! Enjoy




    Are you backpacking around? here some tips




    Las Vegas (USA)


    Las Vegas... the city of the crazy games, gamblers and weddings!





    A journey within a journey simply on foot




    Santorini (GREECE)


    Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands for vacations and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case.




    Travelling on a budget!

    Is it really possible?

    Here just a few tips...

    Take a look here!




    Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

    You will be captivated by this cosmopolitan city by many facets.

    From large and luxurious Malls to street food stalls in 5 minutes walk.



      Warsaw (POLAND)

      A day as real Polish in the historic heart of a great and glorious nation.


    Barcelona (SPAIN)

    Are you ready to dive in a real fairy tale?

    All right then... "once upon the time ... Park Guell..."


      Paris (FRANCE)

      Montmartre and its secrets can bewitch you making you take a step back in time to the nineteenth-century to that France by the undeniable charm.


    Berlin (GERMANY)

    The majestic and elegant city which has been ruling the political and economical scene in Europe since the last decades but also a place full of exciting activities and night life!


      London (ENGLAND)

      an important date for the British people is approaching... what better way to honor it than making a trip to Buckingham Palace?


Rome (ITALY)

A week end in the city considered the "caput mundi"?

Let's see what we can do in order to enjoy it 100%

Damn... there are sooo many things to do...


      Vienna (AUSTRIA)

      A few days in complete relax in a historic European capital? What better chance to visit a city that offers you romance but at the same time physical activity and great music after enjoying a delicious coffe?


"Real travelers are only those that start to go."
- Baudelaire -

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