“Curiosity about the world”

In this page you'll be able to find a lot of curiosities, traditions and funny, interesting and weird tales from all over the world... who knows, maybe it could be also a tip for your future trips! Enjoy


London, a different city

The English capital offers much to see and do. But this time I will not dwell on a classic route, no, this time I want to show curiosity, tell anecdotes and make you discover the places less known but still terribly Londoners!

Let's take a few days and I assure you that at the end of this experience you will see London in a different way.


Rome (ITALY)

A week end in the city considered the "caput mundi"?

Let's see what we can do in order to enjoy it 100%

Damn... there are sooo many things to do...




    Things to do in the Canaries!

    Do you have only a few days to visit some Canary Islands?

    Here are some tips on what to do and whatyou can't miss in these magnificent Atlantic islands, ideal for adventurous trips with friends, romantic getaways with your lover and relaxing family hikes as well!


Living Marseille

Marseille, a kaleidoscope of millenarian people and civilizations, a city with an undisputed charm and strong identity that knows how to attract visitors in its magical atmosphere; multi-ethnic and lively city with great historical roots and where the flavors and smells of the Mediterranean culture are breathed.



    Birdwatching at the Bosphorus

    When traveling, it is very interesting and stimulating to engage in activities outside the normal routine of your city life ...

    In the cosmopolitan Istanbul, after a relaxing hammam, a delicious Turkish coffee why not devote yourself to something different and new?

    Let's go and discover of beautiful local birds!



AEven three days in the Spanish region of Catalonia can give you unforgettable memories.

A long weekend in the Catalan capital of Barcelona between the artistic inspiration of Gaudì or Picasso, history, jamon and the desire to make the Spanish fiesta!


    Oxford and the dragons

    When you read something about Oxford you end up talking about college... but there is something more interesting, almost fantastic... did you know that gardford are famous in Oxford.

    They have always fascinated me and being very curious, I found a very special news about it.




Five things you can't miss at all when you visit Kigali and Rwanda!

Rwanda: a small beautiful country eye marked for her ability to beat the shadows of her past genocide and today she stands as one of Africa’s most peaceful country.



    An area that still tends to preserve the ancient traditions is surely the one around Lake Trasimeno where small communes, perched on the hills and ancient medieval villages, true cultural treasures, have the ability to carry you back in time.




Assisi, a spiritual place, a symbol of peace, is a delightful medieval town where the wonderful Basilica of Saint Francis stands out. It looks from above a medieval village made of narrow alleyways and lanes; the atmosphere of serenity and prayers that characterizes the whole center almost seems like a tribute to the Patron Saint of Italy.



    Norway is a wonderful country in Scandinavia ... there are thousands of good reasons to visit, we have focused on the top 8! :-)

    Enjoy the reading!





A weekend in full relax, good food, in a classy and highly sought-after environment.

Come discover an Italian area still genuine.

Welcome to Todi!



    Relax in Perugia

    Umbria! A region that will surprise us every day thanks to its natural wonders, food and wine, its ancient traditions, its medieval folklore, its villages and some hidden gemstones in which to stay to escape the stress of everyday life!

    We can not start this adventure if not from its capital: Perugia!




"Get down to the Snaeffelsjokull crater, that Scartaris's shadow comes to the July calendars, brave traveler, and you will get to the center of the Earth. This is what I did. "(Journey to the center of the earth) - Julius Verne -

There are places in the world that require to be visited at least once in life, because as the saying goes: "Life is not measured by how many breath we do but from the moments that take our breath away."

Iceland has so many moments like these, you just have to be careful not to be breathless.



White... then comes the blue

A taste of Magna Grecia through its more traditional dishes, experiencing the classical romance of its cities before relaxing in its wonderful dreamy islands.




    Naples and Amalfi Coast

    Here is an itinerary for a week to discover, to know and love a Southern Italy trait that will captivate you day after day with its beauties.

    We will depart from Naples and its islands, Capri and Ischia, via Caserta up to the luxurious Amalfi.

    Enjoy it.



On the tracks of U2 in a Dublin to discover

Dublin is a city that offers a lot to its visitors, this time we will not give you advices on which restaurants or monuments to visit, but we want to do a deeper journey, a trip into the music of Dublin through one of its legendary groups: U2.



    ... I have realized that knowing the local cuisine of a place is almost as important as the visit to the museums!

    That's why I have decided to show you some of the most interesting places in Thessaloniki ...

    let yourself be captivated by Greek cuisine and its delights!



Discovering the treasures of Ashgabat

Turkmenistan is a country in the Central Asia with an ancient history and world - famous handmade carpets, fleet pedigree racehorses and a cradle of one of the world’s earliest civilizations.

Let’s start discovering it from its enigmatic capital: Ashgabat




    A  very controversial and hard-fought land. 

    Set in the beautiful territory of Georgia but claimed by Mother Russia,  it can not find some peace for so long by now.

    Nevertheless it has much to offer the curious visitor who comes here.


In a kitchen of Tblisi

In Georgia the culinary art is a mainstay of their culture.

Every meal is a ceremony always accompanied by good wine.

Enter a kitchen of Tblisi and discover its wonders!




    A remote paradise: immerse yourself in this culture rich of ancestral traditions, discover its sea floor and get lost in its lush jungle.





One of the most advanced cities of Europe, the heart of the Basque region and the right mix of modernity and art.

Immerse yourself in this ancient Basque land...



    Armenia: a not very touristic Country nation that has so much to offer in terms of culture, religion, landscapes, nature...

    Come and discover it with us!



One of the brightest jewels of the wonderful archipelago of Indonesia.

Let yourselves be enthralled by this magical and mystical!




    What to do in Madeira

    Funchal, the capital of a small Portuguese oasis in the Atlantic.
    You only have a few hours but you want to know as much as possible about this delightful island? No worries, we will try to help you out then!



Some practical advice on what to do, what to see where to drink ... but also directly from an exceptional Monegasque .





    A dip in this unknown island: lost in the Pacific.

    You will discover many small beauties in a virgin place!




One of the most controversial, dramatic and stunning cities in Europe!




    A week in Sicily

    Sometimes even a wedding invitation can become the occasion for a wonderful experience in the heart of the old Sicily ..



Be ready to be kidnapped by the myths and legends of this wonderful Himalayan Kingdom and to be transported to a new dimension.

A journey in and out of you.



    10 things you can't miss at Fiji

    Maybe it’s because they are located at the end of the maps that Europeans study at school... or maybe the very name evokes images of adventurous pirates, unknown islands, and treasures… the Fiji Islands are one of the most dreamt-about tropical destinations.


Christmas Markets in Austria

Christmas is coming... this time boasting a unique atmosphere in the world. I want to focus on three places where this feeling is amplified and gives a sense of peace and joy to couples, families and lovers!




    Morocco: for women only!

    Many women write to me asking if a trip to Morocco alone or with friends is feasible and secure. Here's my answer!



Before leaving for a journey, it is important to inquire, well in advance, of the entry regulations, the validity of the passport, any visas and vaccinations related to the country of destination.


What You Need to Know about Touring Europe on a Budget

Touring Europe on a budget isn’t impossible.

While Europe isn’t renowned as one of the world’s most affordable tourist destinations, there are ways to trim the cost of exploring this exciting continent, which offers access to so much history, beauty and charm..


Kumbh Mela

If crowds scare you: stay away.

This is huge: I'm talking about the Kumbh Mela, a Hindu pilgrimage attended in mass by devotees of each branch of Hinduism to live the experience of collective faith and to immerse themselves in the sacred waters of the Ganges, Shipra or Godavari rivers


    How to have an amazing budget vacation in Barbados

    The words ‘budget’ and ‘Barbados’ may seem like unusual bedfellows, but for travellers looking to save money on their next trip to the Caribbean here are some of our top tips.




The 10 most beautiful beaches in the world

Here is the 10 most beautiful beaches we have visited and lived, I hope it will be useful for your bookings!

A list of the beaches which have affected us the most and left us speechless...





    Saint Petersburg & Hermitage.

    Tsarist jewel set in a fairy-tale town!




South Africa

Some practical and useful tips and adices about how to travel in South Africa. Enjoy!





    Moscow and Transiberian.

    An unforgettable train that departs from a fantastic city.





A city full of surprises, traditions, contradictions, modern, cosmopolitan and avant-garde.





    Are you backpacking around? here some tips




    Las Vegas (USA)


    Las Vegas... the city of the crazy games, gamblers and weddings!





    A journey within a journey simply on foot




    Santorini (GREECE)


    Santorini is one of the most popular Greek islands for vacations and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case.




    Travelling on a budget!

    Is it really possible?

    Here just a few tips...

    Take a look here!




    Kuala Lumpur (MALAYSIA)

    You will be captivated by this cosmopolitan city by many facets.

    From large and luxurious Malls to street food stalls in 5 minutes walk.



      Warsaw (POLAND)

      A day as real Polish in the historic heart of a great and glorious nation.


    My different way to travel

    Since very young I discovered that travelling, for me, was the best way to learn. Even today I have this pilgrim soul. Here are some of the lessons I learned. I hope they are helpful to other pilgrims like me.

    (Paulo Coelho)


    The guy who didn't want to travel

    "During that trip I learned to give me time to know people, discovering that may be unexpected the stories behind each man."

    L. Soresi


    Traveling with kids

    Some small advices to make also your children live the trip in the best of the ways. Travelling is growing up... and for them it is even more above all if they do it in the right way.


    Travel clothing

    Once upon a time travelling was the event of a lifetime, a real event where you had to dress like to go to the theater ...



    Let's trade house?

    I spend the holidays at home while you're in my house. Even if I do not know you very well, if I saw only a few photos of you and read some e-mail...



    Traveling with your pets

    Some practical and useful advices to leave happily with your beloved pet:


    The pleasure of traveling

    Traveling as a lifestyle... as a way to escape from the daily routine...


      Seven good reasons to travel

      Some people never travel for laziness, who for lack of "money" and who, unfortunately, because has no interest. On the other side there are people who travel continuously throughout the world for a serie of reasons and causes...



    Traveling alone (just for women)

    Leaving for a trip by yourself?
    Holidays with friends flipped. Why stay at home?

    A journey by yourself can become an unforgettable experience.


    Barcelona (SPAIN)

    Are you ready to dive in a real fairy tale?

    All right then... "once upon the time ... Park Guell..."


      Paris (FRANCE)

      Montmartre and its secrets can bewitch you making you take a step back in time to the nineteenth-century to that France by the undeniable charm.


    Berlin (GERMANY)

    The majestic and elegant city which has been ruling the political and economical scene in Europe since the last decades but also a place full of exciting activities and night life!


      London (ENGLAND)

      an important date for the British people is approaching... what better way to honor it than making a trip to Buckingham Palace?


    Swap stamps with us

    In this section we show all the stamps we would like to swap in order to enrich our own themes. Check it out and let's swap!


      Vienna (AUSTRIA)

      A few days in complete relax in a historic European capital? What better chance to visit a city that offers you romance but at the same time physical activity and great music after enjoying a delicious coffe?

"Real travelers are only those that start to go."
- Baudelaire -

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