Here I am

"Here I am, I’m Mark, Italian backpacker.

I have started travelling “seriously," as I used to say, in 1999, as I understood that this was my path in life.


I decided to create a site because I wanted to “share all the emotions I felt roving the world.

They could be useful to other people who are going to backpack to discover new places…”.

Travelling helped me to grow up and to understand myself and the world that surrounds me better.

“Only a traveller can understand what planning a trip entails, then, once planning is completed; closing the door behind you, and leaving.

Then, soon after returning, thinking about the next destination…”


Travelling gave me the most beautiful and indescribable feelings: it’s difficult to describe what you feel when you are alone in boundless landscapes - horizonless, under immense starry skies; or when you listen to the most beautiful symphonies that nature can give you… endless sunsets, hugs, glances, the smiles  of all the people met; that often, with small actions, made me feel  the most important lessons of life… and then landscapes, deserts, seas, glaciers, different people and cultures…only travelling can you gain a wealth of experiences. 

Of course during the journey  there is contact with people and the immersion in their real local everyday life; to understand and realize that our society has still a lot to learn… You only need a good plan, a good map a guide (I often use Lonely Planet),  the essentials for your trip, photography equipment, a pinch of courage, a sense of adventure, rashness and sound madness as well, and a great desire of dreaming… you need only this! Travelling in this way, flights apart, becomes rather cheap…


 I love to report in my faithful  “journey journals” all the adventures- the ups and downs. My tales don’t claim anything beyond being a faithful testimony of the sensations and experiences picked up in worlds different from ours. They talk about what I saw and what happened to me around the world.


My other great passion is photography, my passion for it has been increasing during my travels… so far it has become a bit of an addiction for me!  I take hundreds of pictures on every journey. I find it wonderful to catch images, that are everyday life situations, faces, landscapes; it is important to me that they can touch the viewer.

 A photograph has to talk, tell, communicate…and when it manages to do this, I am greatly satisfied. 

 I have travelled a bit and I have realized that places or means, landscapes or  monuments, people or cultures do not determine the outcome of a journey; but only our wayfarer’s spirit or as I used to say being a “world’s gipsy”. 
It doesn’t matter how, if on foot or by bike, by motorbike or by car, by plane or by boat, you leave for a journey: you will discover many wonders in this world, and you will know yourself better!

"I'm a knight-errant who goes every day to seek adventures and the sense of the world: but I can not find it. - Joseph Bédier -

My advice is: “travel!” even with your mind and imagination but “travel”,and sometimes, when you can with the backpack too (as for me it’s never enough...)! The important thing is not to stop… As the great Antonio de Curtis used to say: “he who stops is lost!”

"Walk with caution in this fragile world." (Cartel in Jomoson in Mustang - Nepal)

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