"By salt and land your glance is made of. One day you poured the sea.
There have been plants next to you, warm, they still know about you.
The agave and the oleander. All closed in your eyes.
By salt and ground are made of your veins, your breath.
Warm wind, shadow of sunshine - all closed in you.
You are the rough voice of the country, the cry of the hidden quail, the warmth of the stone.
The country is fatigue, the country is suffering.
By night the gesture of peasant is silent. You are the great fatigue and night that satisfies.
As the rock and the grass, as a land, you are closed; you are torn like the sea.
There isn't the word that can possess or stop you. Take the impacts as the earth, and make life, breath that caress, silence.
You are parched like the sea, as a fruit of rock, and do not say a word and no one talks to you. "
                                                       - Cesare Pavese -
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A wonderful adventure to discover a Europe still unused to tourism. Let's start from the delicious Minsk through Ukraine, the tender Transnistria to Chisinau.




Funchal, capoluogo di una piccola oasi portoghese nell’Atlantico. Avete solo qualche ora ma volete conoscere quanto più possibile di questa deliziosa isoletta? Ok, cercheremo di aiutarvi allora!




Here are some tips on what to do and whatyou can't miss in these magnificent Atlantic islands, ideal for adventurous trips with friends, romantic getaways with your lover and relaxing family hikes as well!




Marseille, a kaleidoscope of millenarian people and civilizations, a city with an undisputed charm and strong identity that knows how to attract visitors in its magical atmosphere; multi-ethnic and lively city with great historical roots and where the flavors and smells of the Mediterranean culture are breathed.




Even three days in the Spanish region of Catalonia can give you unforgettable memories. A long weekend in the Catalan capital of Barcelona between the artistic inspiration of Gaudì or Picasso, history, jamon and the desire to make the Spanish fiesta!




Two days in the highest capital of Europe in the Christmas time that turns into magic all that invests! Welcome to Andorra la Vella!




From classical Athens to picturesque Santorini through the romantic and elegant Nafplio, in the Peloponnesus, and the wild island of Naxos in Cyclades. Backpack and Baby Bottle!




From Tbilisi, the most beautiful capital of the Caucasus through Gori, Stalin's birthplace, to the glitzy Kutaisi along the Silk Way.




Also a wedding invitation can turn into a great excuse to visit a lovely part of the old Sicily... From the capital Palermo to island of Favignana, enjoying arancini, cannoli and much more!




From the historic Tirana, crossing Koman lake, through the suffering Kosovo to the picturesque and delightful coast of Montenegro.




A week between two stunning cities as Moscow and St Petersburg during the magical white nights time and with our parents...




Even a simple long week end far from home can offer many surprises and funny memories. Here is the Danish Capital with its great culture, its bikes and the romantic Little Marmaid




A week of training, backpacking around all the lovely island of Cyprus between Orthodox Monasteries, Islamic mosques, forts, caravanserai, beaches, Byzantine castles, sacred icons and the wall that still divides two cultures!




Discovering two lively towns of Andalusia: Malaga and Granada, as well as the former British protectorate in Gibraltar.




New Year's Eve in cold Berlin, around museums, history, memories,snow and castles.




Escape week in the center of Spain. Madrid and her beauties, Segovia and her acqueductus, Toledo and her history, Alcalà de Henares with her characters.




Long week end in the north of Poland between the elegant Gdansk, the boring Bydgoszcz and the funny Sopot..




Long week end in complete relax discovering Malta Island and Gozo.




I needed to go to a place that I love before going to war!




London and its one thousand markets, its museums, its performances, its people so varied with a very particular touristic guide...




As a gipsy through this land that has suffered so much in recent years. From the old Belgrade to rediscover Sarajevo, then the mythical Mostar until the tourist Split. The gaze of people, the stories of our peers who really lived a useless war, re-live in this journey ...




Any excuse is good for "stroll around as a gipsy" and so also the anniversary of the herbal medicine shop of a dear friend becomes an opportunity to leave again and meet important people, even only for a long weekend ...


Ten days between the Spanish Galicia and northern Portugal in the company of important people and recalling the many beautiful moments lived in those places in the previous years ...


Long week end in the city of Guinness, Samuel Beckett and James Joyce. A way as another to meet old friends again...


Long weekend between Valencia and Alicante. Delight for the palate thanks to paella and the mythical "jamon serrano" and delight for the eyes thanks to the "Oceànografico" and the port, ready for the America's Cup.


Back in that city that the first time, three years earlier, had worried us because we didn't know what we would have found, but now we love it so much, especially thanks to the local fantastic people, we've known over the years ...


A whole week dedicated to enjoy one of the most romantic city of the world. The elegant Paris. City of art, fashion town, city of love ...


The capital of Germany is an open-air museum. Wherever you see the remains of a distant past, although very recently. The pieces of the famous "Wall" are still there as a reminder, as if to recall the mistakes of the past ...


Week end between rivers of sangria, walking along the Rambla, in the city of Dali and Picasso.


Week end in the Basque city of Bilbao admiring the majestic Guggenheim Museum and enjoying the unbridled Spanish nightlife...


The most delightful city of Poland. Yet so close to one of the places where man has been "tremendously closer to its nature of beast."


Week end in the extravagant nightlife in the North of England. Between "hen parties" and masked parties... no age limits...


Week end in the Robin Hood's town.


Host for an entire month of a nice Scottish family for an English course. A month experiencing the classic and typical British life. A very fruitful full immersion .


After the wonderful experience of the previous year, this time we decide to go even further south, until the forgotten Macedonia. The unexpected and coups scene certainly will not fail!


Air Cruise of the Italian Military Airforce Academy. Four stages touching the extreme points of Europe. From Portugal to Germany until the distant Latvia.


Few days, but intense, in the Mediterranean island of Malta. Around during the day to discover this little land and crazy in the many discos, living at full speed the exciting nightlife ...


After visiting nearly all of Europe we decide to insert a new destination not very touristic (for obvious reasons): Serbia. This time we pass through Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic. But Serbia will reveal a choice that will profoundly change us...


Back to Latvia one year later. How many things are changed in such a short time. What never changes is our thirst for discovery and desire to live always new emotions with friends of a lifetime.


After an intense journey of discovery of Northern Europe and the Baltics States, we meet again in Portugal to remember all the many experiences lived together.


We leave toward the Hungarian capital on the eleven September ... It seemed a day like so many others but we were unaware that while we were travelling the world was about to change...


The journey par excellence. An Italian and a Portuguese meet in Milan and depart together for what will be their "great journey". They reach the roof of their continent thorough Switzerland, Benelux, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Poland and Austria. A journey full of unforgettable adventures, fantastic encounters and unexpected breathtaking...


A meeting born by chance in a very difficult time, in a railway station in Slovakia between two boys of two different nations turns into an immense friendship. One of those that last a lifetime.


Along trackside to discover that Europe that we missed last year, starting from Turkey passing through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic own up to the north of Poland. Countries that now recall the distant Communist past...


I still remember, ten years later, when my dear friend Krists asked me to go to visit him in his beloved Latvia. It was December 1999, was about to end a whole millennium while I started a journey, lonely, that would have changed me...


Backpack, some food, a map of Europe and a rail ticket are the right and simple ingredients of the "recipe": Inter Rail. This time through: France, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Hollanda and Spain.


The memory of the wonderful experiences lived in the English town, place of the best colleges for excellence takes me back a few miles from Oxford. Meetings with peers from other nations mark our days in that wonderful school...


Southampton. Historical British port that immediately reminds us of the famous Titanic or the Mayflower pilgrims, but also home of the college that has hosted us for a month... It doesn't stand, however, the comparison with Oxford.


Wonderful experience in college in the British university city par excellence: Oxford. Guys from around the world, into one great school, with a great desire to grow up, every day ready to live the most beautiful adventures, but interspersed by many school lessons ...


A fourteen years old guy for the first time without parents, on a wonderful cruise ship: MSC MONTEREY, for a first shy contact with the Greek peninsula and especially with life.


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