The pleasure of travel

Here we are, in a few days I will lock my house door, I will get on my car and drive several thousand kilometres around in northern Spain. The only idea excites me, I feel that strange (but beautiful) feeling is growing inside me and that takes every time I pack my suitcase.

Travelling is perhaps the thing I love the most. Not only I like to admire landscapes, visit the city and museums, lying on a beach. What inspires me more and makes me feel good, is already just the simple taking a plane, entering in a car. The memory of the places that I visited is more linked to the feelings that I experienced than to the pure visual memory.

Travelling, anyway, for me is a state of mind, not only be in a place far from home. Even when I lost trains, or (it's happened!) I descended the plane in cities thousands of miles away, even when I stayed at hotels not very welcoming, I never get angry as the situation would have amply justified.

I remember an August eight years ago in France: the car had continued failure of the engine so that I was forced to change travel plans. Then I had a such long series of disadventures that I felt as followed by the famous Fantozzi's cloud. So: a tragedy. Yet, even on that occasion, I didn't get angry. Indeed, the situation was so paradoxical that even now, I can't help laughing.

The airport is perhaps the place that more than others gives me the feeling of being on the road: the billboards of arrivals and departures, the faces, the clothing, the enormous suitcases of some tourists, the atmosphere that you can breathe in huge halls (between the stressed of who has a setback and relaxed who has already the beaches of Maldives in the eyes ), the ear ready to decipher what the speaker announces. I love all this, it's already holiday for me. Not only the start, but somehow also the return.

Even the restaurant, when I travel, is a place that puts me in a particular state of mind, very agreeable. At the night, surrounded by the chats that takes consummation of dishes, ready to enjoy dishes never tasted before, I'm relaxed, in peace with the world. A beautiful feeling.

But now I have to leave you. On the desk there is the map and the leadership of Spain waiting for me. I have to put up the last details of the trip. I love these moments before departure!


Giancarlo D’Adda


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