The guy who didn't want to travel

During that trip I learned to give me time to know people, discovering that may be unexpected the stories behind each man. Back home, nothing was more like before: my beloved books now seemed incomplete, arid, because wanted to put on words and formulas everything that was out there, that with no stop, it was born and died, leaving behind nothing but footprints on the sand that soon the sea of time would have erased.

What sense have had d my travel? I can not feel fear, but only regret for the places that I will not be able to see. I have always known that during these African expeditions could happen to me the unexpected and die…. but death is not a high price enough to renounce to all the beauty of the world. I learned that we should not become slaves of fear, closing ourselves behind heavy doors, in safe houses where life has ceased to live. No, better to sleep on the bare ground under the blue stars that tremble for the cold, risking of dying but fortunately also to live. Because life is a journey without a map or compass, where only fear and caution can get you lost.

I am happy and proud of the life that I chose: I get up and I decide to walk up till I fall exhausted on the ground, not to try to find an uncertain salvation in the middle of the sea of sand, but to shout to the wind that my life was nothing more than try to watch what there is beyond the horizon.


Leonardo Soresi


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