TRAVELLING ALONE... (just women)


How can you start to… leave for a trip by yourself?
Holidays with friends flipped. Why stay at home? A tour by yourself can become an unforgettable experience.


A setback can happen and, at the last minute, you remain without travelling companions. Leave all the same or stay at home? Some people are not discouraged and takes it as an adventure: today more and more women choose to travel alone, even if some doubt remain. Here, then, some advice for those who want to organize a vacation "lonely" without sacrificing safety and fun.


Will it be dangerous? For a woman alone there are places safer than others. "That's why to choose the goal you should be well informed on the Internet, read more tourist guides and ask for advice to friends. "The first time is better to prefer the Northern Europe or the United States which are more accustomed than other countries to accept women." There are many simple advices to avoid dangerous situations, as to communicate with a relative your route or store on the phone numbers of emergency.
"Above all abroad you need to have on hand the references of Consulate and police" recommends the expert. "If you show a secure attitude is always advisable to give the impression of knowing where to go and what to do. So far trouble would be held and malicious ".


Will I get bored? What can be scary is sometimes the fear of boredom. But this is a false problem. "Traveling alone you learn to know each other more, to appreciate that sense of freedom that comes from following your own interests and own pace, without depending on the other," said Daniela De Rosa. This can help even the goal choice. A city of art, for example, offers more incentives than a beach. You can visit a museum or decide to go to see a show outside.


Will I live moments of discomfort? It seems strange but also a situation that can create embarrassment as dining alone can reserve surprises.
"The waiters will be more available to pamper the client, making her taste the best dishes and let her be at her ease" the expert continues. "Anyway many restaurants, especially abroad, have tables for those who arrive alone.
And, between a bite and the other, if you want you can make new acquaintances.

Will I spend more? Save money when you are on vacation alone is not simple. Few operators offer reduced fares for singles but there is some advantage. "On line there are many hotels" friends of women". Provided by free shuttles to arrive at the airport, spa treatments at special rates, lunches and dinners in the room at no extra " concludes Daniela De Rosa.

Elena Parasiliti


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