Mid-summer, Tobago

"Vast beaches of heated rocks.
White heat.
A bridge,
Yellow palms burnt
in the sleepy house for the summer
in August.
Days that I had,
day that I lost,
days that, as daughters,
loose my welcoming arms."

- Derek Walcott -


A wonderful week in complete relax between the colonial Noumea to the wild Isle of Pines!


Amazing journey to the inner heart of Vanuatu. Tanna's tribes, the majestic Yasur Volcano and many new life experiences


Brief taste of Brisbane before diving in the beauties of Fiji Island!


Brief visit at the sweet Cairns before living one of the most exciting adventure of our life:a Papua New Guinea!


Explosion of nature... Here Mother Nature has shown all its beauty. Lakes, glaciers, sea, ocean, desert dunes, hills, mountains, plains, rivers, fjords, waterfalls... You can find everything you want here... Three long weeks in the deepest heart of this wonderful land!




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