You can walk million km in a single life
without ever touch the surface of the places,
nor learn anything from people just seen.
The sense of the travel lies in stopping to listen
everyone has a story to tell.

- Anonymous -


The classical phrase that I've been asked after giving a look at my website: "What about the next trip?"


Well, in my mind ideas, projects and proposals about all the places of our world always run round and round... Of course, if you want to organize properly a nice trip you have to stop sometimes and concentrate on a goal in particular rather than another, to focus as bestas you can all the "studies" on that particular destination.


Here is a small overview of my so-called future "operations" future, needless to say that when I speak about the future I refer only to the closest one, basically I'm always one who lives day by day trying to "seize the moment" in the best way.


And of course, those who live in these places and wants to help us, tell us some tricks, give us hospitality for a night or simply a drink with us is more than welcome ...





Senegal, Gambia & Guinea Bissau













Ethiopia & Eritrea



Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan


Ice Land




Armenia & Azerbaijan


Coast 2 Coast


East Coast


Santiago Trail


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