Advices to leave happily together


Some practical and useful advices to leave happily with your beloved pet:



Pack its bag: Passport, medicines, bowl, games, rug on the dog's bed and supplies of its favourite food are important to reassure and avoid it digestive or intestinal problems


Keep fresh water always next to you, in a hermetic container ready to water your pet

If you travel by car, remember to make often stops to let it stretch and make it piss

NEVER leave them locked in the car, neither if it is parked in the shadow and with the open windows

Feed them when you get at your destination


When it's hot, dogs love to be freshened up sometimes with a water vaporizer (but not in the ears), and not the cats, that it's better if they avoid long trips


If the destination is far, offer to the cat a quiet place and even dark to let it sleep. As for its hygienic needs, you have just to buy a wide transport, put a narrow box at the bottom, with the sand, and leave some space at the entrance, where the cat will be able to squat and rest quietly.


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