Let's trade house?

I spend the holidays at home while you're in my house. Even if I do not know you very well, if I saw only a few photos of you and read some e-mail.
A choice based on trust and respect each other: how many times we have wished, in a foreign country, to enter the homes of others?

The director Fabrizio Laurenti, for the Christmas holidays, has traded his apartment in Rome with a house in Montreal, Canada.
After an intense exchange of email: how many bedrooms, in which area of the city is, how can we arrange for the keys and a serire of explanations with photos attached....
You leave your homes at the mercy of strangers and leads to sleep in the bedroom of people who do not know. And in a sense this is the interesting in exchanging house. Besides the fact, of course, that does not cost a thing.

The most important thing is another. You wonder how a Stendhal syndrome in the morning when you pick up the Montreal daily newspaper, delivered on the steps or at the door, returning from the trip sledding, you leave your shoes full of snow at the entrance and turning on the television in your living room. Suddenly it seems that it's not the homes but we are exchanged with other family. As if by magic, Montreal becomes our city. You go to skate on the ice and go back home for the hot chocolate and pancake as if we had always done that. Meanwhile, in Rome, a family of Montreal sits at the table for a carbonara, after shopping at the market in Piazza San Cosimato, which has become the market under their house. Even Rome becomes a bit their city.


Homelink suggests an insurance for who exhcange his house that covers luggage and health or, for those hosted at home, the possibility of first aid in case of urgent repairs.

the Decalogue of the perfect exchange:

1. organize the passage of the keys in a safe and convenient way for those who
2. leave free space in closets;
3. in the bathroom let them find toilet paper, soap and shampoo;
4. provide bed linen and towels;
5. safely store your own objects of value;
6. leave clear instructions f
or the possible treatment of plants and animals;
7. remember to pay bills in advance (in case of long absences);
8. leave the numbers of urgency (from emergency to a friend
that may come in an emergency) and the instructions of
household appliances;
9. provide interesting tour materials (maps,
brochures, guides etc.).
10. in the refrigerator let them find a bottle of wine and something to eat.

Fabrizio Laurenti and Daniela Passeri

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