Some people never travel for laziness, who for lack of "money" and who, unfortunately, because has no interest. On the other side there are people who travel continuously throughout the world for a serie of reasons and causes. The main seven:


1. Meet new people: many people travel alone to meet new people and also to come in contact with the indigenous population.

2. Taste local specialities: I believe that tasting specialties of the place is inherent to the meaning of travel. I do not understand those who go abroad and continues eating what they find on their tables every day. From the way a lot of people eat, you can understand many cultural particularities.
3. The special atmosphere of the trip: the excitement of travel, to change their daily routine, to breathe a new air and transit in the so-called "non-places", such as airports.

4. Knowing new languages: you do not want to go abroad and expect that all speak and understand Italian? Many travel just to learn or optimize a new language. It's really true that you learn more quickly a foreign language if you go to a mother tongue Country!
5. Mix to local populations: it has no point going abroad and continue staying with people of your country? Strength, mescolatevi people of the place and certainly learn to read more than ten tourist guides!
6. Find interesting attractions: Before leaving, drawn a check list of all the attractions of the place that you would like to see. And visit them all!
7. Have good memories. Last but not the least: the romantic note. The most beautiful part of the journey is many times the return and the memory of the experience. If something went wrong during the journey, certainly after a while it'll be forgotten and will remain only the good memories. Psychologists talk of "mnestic optimism"... what a word ... they have simply forgotten it... because leave and travel is always a unique experience even beyond delays of air or other…

A journey of a thousand miles starts in front of your feet. - Lao Tzu -


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