Here I'm


Let me introduce myself: my name is Stefania.
In my everyday life I'm an educator, a vocation and a true
passion more than a job.
Working with children, with disabilities, foreigneirs and in
psychiatric area  I've had and I have the opportunity to meet  everyday people and personalities of all types, thus allowing me to have
a different and wider vision of life  and cultures of the world.

I love my job because it lets me go home with a smile.
I love painting and learn techniques of different countries, the same as
in the kitchen because I take care of the section of this site entitled: "Ste's recipes. "

I love to travel since I was born also  thanks to a family that has transmitted me this passion.
For years I explored Europe with my brothers on board an RV
(means that I  absolutely recommend).

My real passion is Africa. I love it after
have volunteered at a school in Kenya, since then, every time
I can I return there.

Where could I meet Mark if not during a journey in South Africa?

After that wonderful safari, we became inseparable in life and



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