"Entre labio y labio
cuánta dulzura guarda
mi boca abierta al beso,
estuche en que los dientes
muerden vívidos frutos,
cuenca que se llena
de jugos intensos
de ágiles vinos
de agua fresca,
donde la lengua
leve serpiente de delicias
blandamente ondula,
y se anida el milagro
de la palabra.

                                          - Alaíde Foppa -

click on the pictures if you want to read the report of the journey


The colonial Quito, the doors to the Amazonas in Baños and the equatorial line... this is our week in Ecuador!


The mysterious Nazca lines, Titicaca's islands, Huacachina and Siloli deserts, Machu Picchu, marvellous Bolivian Salares.... it's just a brief taste!


After being in the hell I really needed a mystical place for my detoxification. Here it is my Patagonia.


A wonderful journey to discover the south of Brazil, from the "carioca" Rio de Janeiro with its legendary beach of Copacabana, its majestic Cristo Redentor, the legendary stadium "Maracanà", its dangerous favelas, to the Iguazu Falls near the border with Argentina and Paraguay through the unforgettable Sao Paulo!


We have not risked ourselves to discover the true heart of Colombia. That little we have known in the north, as usual, has left an indelible memory in our hearts. How many stereotypes crashed when you travel...

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