Travelling with the kids




Some small advices to make also your children live the trip in the best of the ways. Travelling is growing up... and for them it is even more above all if they do it in the right way.


"Travelling doesn't need to understand but to reactivate for a moment the use of eyes, the reading visual of the world." - Italo Calvino - (Collection of sand)



1. Involve them

Planning the vacation, if your children have a suitable age involve them since the beginning in the organization of the trip, so they will be anxious to depart.

Photos of city and places that you will visit will help you to interest them.


2. Their desires

Make them tell you what they want to do or see once to destination and, although the final decision is up to the parents, try to grant at least one or two desires of them. If they have a passion for the computer, delegate to them the search of the information for the trip: they can surprise you with their ability.


3. Be flexible

Don't have too expectations: limit to one or two your daily activities and leave more time to your children to play in a park or in the garden of the hotel.

4. Games for the trip

Don't make you take unprepared: losing the patience is easy when in the car there is a child that is annoyed. Before departing organize with some games to do in the car/airplane and, in an envelope, some surprises to distribute during the trip.


5. Make some tests

If you have never faced a long trip with your child, start at the first with small Sunday trips or weekend away from house.

6. Choose well your accommodation

The hotel, the pension or the camping represent their new house. According to the circumstances and of the type of trip it could be preferable to find the nearest accommodation to the attractions that you are going to visit.


Sanitary assistance

In a Country of the European Union if you want to get some medical assistance is necessary to get at the ASL the model E111: it is free released near the office registry assisted of the district of affiliation bringing with you the sanitary booklet and an identification document. Out of the Union it is advisable, instead, to depart provided of policy of insurance.

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